Growing up I had to take everything apart. An endless need to dissect and inspect led to a complete obsession with the inner-workings of everything. If I knew about it, I needed to know how it worked.

That obsession inevitably found it’s way into creative spaces. I've always built things, since before I can remember. I've always had the need to create. Despite this, there was a while where I didn't think I could create for other people.

I attended university, took an apprentice carpenter's position, and attended university again. All before the realization that my obsession was a passion that I could build a business with.

Biglow Woodcraft is simply a logical step. I love solving problems through design and creation, and we all have problems to solve.


“I love solving problems through design and creation, and we all have problems to solve.”

The Gravity Bar is a simple solution for hanging paper goods, that allows you to re-arrange easily, because change is good.

The products and furniture on display are solutions. Some may be simple refinements on tried and true methods, where-as others are completely new ideas. I'd like to think I design with purpose, and with a style rooted in simplicity and nuance, can bring those purposeful designs to life in a beautiful way.

The woodworking itself draws inspiration from Japanese techniques and theories I continue to study. The master craftsmen drawing knowledge from thousands of years of beautiful, enduring architecture and furniture are the best people to learn from. The joinery, finishing, material selection and tool usage is all devised to work in harmony. Rather than forcing the wood to conform to a desired result, the processes are designed to merely facilitate a new form. A good joint should come together effortlessly, as the milling procedure, careful measurements and accurate cuts allow near-perfect alignment as a piece is assembled.

I find myself fascinated with these traditional methods of woodworking. A more intimate relationship with the building material is fostered, with tools oriented toward the pull rather than the push; a common “feature” of Western tool design. Workbenches tailored for sitting cross-legged on the floor with your work may not be practical in a more modern wood-shop, but I can appreciate the storied history of Japanese woodworking and it’s eternal pursuit of intimacy and consideration.


I feel as though the world is designing itself into a corner with budget materials, globalized markets and a social shift toward disposable-design. It seems the effects of this are just beginning to surface. I’m very passionate about doing my part in solving this problem and I’ve written more about this in my Op-Ed.

Let’s work together! I’m always ready to chat about custom woodworking projects. Connect with me, and we can begin examining the details of your project, getting to know each-other and designing your perfect piece!

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